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CCICED Task Force on Strategy and Policies for Environment and Development of We...

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    The forth meeting of CCICED Task Force on Strategy and Policies for Environment and Development of Western China and the overseas investigations were held in Australia in February, 2012. Ms Fang Li, Assistant Secretary General of CCICED, Stein Hansen, International chief counsel of CCICED, Professor Jiyuan Liu, Chinese executive Co-chair, Robyn Kruk, International Co-chair, Professor Xiangzheng Deng and Mr Peishen Wang, the Chinese and international coordinators and around ten research team members of this task force participated the meeting and engaged in the overseas investigations.

    In view of the research progress, the meeting had in-depth discussions on the framework of the long main report and finally had an agreement on it. It is agreed that the long main report shall be centered on six topics such as management and restoration of fragile ecosystems in West China; management of energy and mineral resources; investment of human resources and poverty relief; urbanization; green industry development as well as institutional arrangements and environmental policy for West China. It further identifies that case studies should be strengthened in the next stage.

    During investigations, the Task Force has discussions with officials and scholars on topics such as management of nature resource; protection of water, wetland and coastal zone; construction of information system; pollution control; water market, etc. By the investigation on Sydney Olympic Park, Kakadu National Park and Ranger uranium mine, etc, and the symposium with officials and local Binij, the Task Force had acquired lots of firsthand information which offer good experience for the West development.

    With the assistant of Australia’s Environment Department, this Task Force accomplished the forth meeting and the overseas investigation well. According to work plan, the fifth meeting which shall be organized as stakeholder consultation meeting with participation of government officials and academia will be held in middle May, 2012 in Beijing.

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