Professor Huang paid a research visit to Germany and Finland during 9-15 May,201...

2010-05-16 11:51:00 Author:ccap From: Views:0

Invited by Georg-August-Universität of Göttingen (Germany) and United Nations University (Finland), Professor Jikun Huang, Director of CCAP, visited Munich, Germany for Sino-German project cooperation “ Innovative Nitrogen Management Technologies to Improve Agricultural Production and Environmental Protection in Intensive Chinese Agriculture” during 9-12 May, 2010. Then he participated in “UNU-WIDER 25th Anniversary Conference: The Triple Crisis –Finance, Food & Climate Change” held in Helsinki on 13-15May, 2010. Professor Huang was invited to give a presentation in the conference, the presentation title is “Climate Change and Agriculture: Impact, Adaptation and Mitigation.”

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