Code Paper Title Author
PhD-58  Perceptions and Attitudes of Urban Consumers and Scientises towards Transgenic Technology and GM Foods in China, 2015. Peng, Bowen 
PhD-57  A Study on the Evolution of the New Cooperative Medical Scheme and Its Impacts on Rural Residents, 2015. Li, Shaoping 
PhD-56  Impact of and Adaptation to Climate Change on Winter Wheat Production in the North China Plain, 2015. Yang, Yu 
PhD-55  The Effects of Incentives in Health Intervention Project: Empirical Evidence from Schools in Rural China, 2015. Yang, Enyan 
PhD-54  Evolution and Efficiency of Farm Operational Modes: Empirical Evidences from Grain Prodution in Northeast and North Chin... Ding, Jiping 
PhD-53  Optimal Allocation of Agricultural Water Use and Its Impacts on Crop Production under Climate Change: Study in Five Larg... Yan, Tingting 
MS-72  Impact of Intestinal Worm Infection on School-aged Children’s Health, Cognition and School Performance in China’s Wes... Zhou, Qi 
MS-71  Farmers’ Risk Preference and Its Influence on the Adoption of Adaptation Measures to Climate Change, 2015. Zhang, Ziyun 
MS-70  Study on the Influence and Countermeasure about TPP to Global economy and Agriculture in China: Based on the Global Gene... Huang, Jie 
MS-69  Energy Consumption in Rural China: Current Situation and Determinants for Future Trend, 2015. Yan, Jianbiao 

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