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PB-11-2  Action Recommendations for Quickly and Effectively Reducing Anemia Among Children in Poor Rual Area. Luo, Renfu, Linxiu Zhang, Jikun Huang, Xiaobing Wang, Yaojiang Si 
PB-11-1  Concerns Over Hight Dropouts in Poor Rural Middle Schools. Zhang, Liuxiu, Renfu Luo, Hongmei Yi, Jikun Huang and Yaojiang Shi 
PB-10-6  Survey Results and Policy Suggestions about Intestine Worm Infections on kids in Poor Rural Areas. Wang, Xiaobing, Linxiu Zhang, Renfu Luo, Chengfang Liu and Jikun Huang 
PB-10-5  Develop inclusive microcredit institutions in China Huang, Jikun, Xiangping Jia, Hao Luan 
PB-10-4  A Study on the Relationship of Agricultural Product and CPI and Policy Recommendations Huang, Jikun, Jun Yang, Zhigang Xu and Huanguang Qiu 
PB-10-3  Impact of the Price Change of Crude Oil on Agricultural Product and Policy Suggestions Huang, Jikun, Jun Yang, Zhigang Xu and Huanguang Qiu 
PB-10-2  Improved Nutrient Management in Agriculture: An Opportunity for China’s Low Carbon Economy Program Huang, Jikun, Ruifa Hu, Fusuo Zhang and Weifeng Zhang 
PB-10-1  Policy suggestions on the sustainable and healthy development of China's seed industry Huang, Jikun, Zhigang Xu ang Ruifa Hu 
PB-09-15  Domestic Appliances Subsidy Program for Rural Households Huang, Jikun, Zhigang Xu, Huayong Zhi and Lingke Huo 
PB-09-14  Battling Anemia in Rural China's Elementary Schools for the All-Round Development of Children Luo, Renfu, Linxiu Zhang, Chengfang Liu, Jikun Huang 

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