CCAP firmly believes that China can,through its own hard work,       satisfy its growing demand for agricultural goods increasingly efficiently and sustainably, effectively reduce poverty and realize balanced rural and urban growth and development that benefits all. In addition to this, CCAP believes that the modernization of agriculture will contribute to China's economic development. CCAP's mission is to expand and develop rigorous basic and applied research to analyze the problems and challenges facing China's agricultural policy-makers and producers, as well as the factors contributing to constraints on agricultural and rural economic development, so as to 1) provide a scientific foundation for policy-makers (both governmental and private), 2) suggest needed policy choices for realizing the goal of sustainable economic development based on rational use of natural resources and the sustainable development of agriculture, 3) promote the development of agricultural economics and related applied sciences, cultivate highly skilled agricultural economists and policy researchers, 4) bridgethe dialogue between Chinese and international agricultural economists and, 5)accelerate the dissemination of CCAP's research results to a wider public as a service to government and society.