Integrated Rural and Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation Policy Program (IRUDPA)

IRUDPA Program focuses on the following major policy studies:

·          Rural land tenure reform and policy

·          Urbanization, non-farm employment and rural development

·          State governance, fiscal policy and policies and institutions to ensure public goods and service provision

·          Rural financial reform, credit reform and policy

·          Institutions and policies to improve community governance, farmers organizations and grassroots democracy

·          Institutions and policies to improve rural education and basic human capital

·          Institutions and policies to improve rural social safety system (e.g., minimum standard of living, elderly care,
healthcare, etc)


  • ·China’s Transition and Development Model Under Evoling Reginal Competition Patterns
  • ·The Status Quo of Township Health Center and Its Functions in New Cooperative Medical System
  • ·Education management and Performance after Rural Education Finance Reform -Evidence from Western China
  • ·Urbanization and Its Impacts on Cultivated Land Changes
  • ·Agricultural Develpoment and Environment in Key Regions of China
  • ·Growth, Inequality and Poverty in Rural China: the Role of Public Investments
  • ·Empirical Analysis of grass-Roots Government Funcition in Rural Areas
  • ·Impacts of Farmers’ Organizations on Village Public Finance: Negative or Positive? A Case of Rural Tax Reform