In the three decades of economic reforms, China has reinvented itself. During these thirty years, China made remarkable achievements in many dimensions, such as fast economic growth, poverty alleviation, improved living conditions, and propelled China to the center of the world stage. It has also changed the face of China’s agriculture and rural areas completely. These thirty years of reform also witnessed miracles in system reform, technical innovation, market development and etc. These thirty years have built the foundation for the development and modernization of China’s agriculture.

Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP) was born of the reform. Our goal is to analyze policies related to agricultural R&D, natural resource and environmental issues, integrated rural urban development as well as policy decision support system in China, and helping formulate practical and feasible policies for sustainable development and modernization of rural China. We strive to use our research in agricultural economic to provide policy-relevant information. With research as our tool, we work with people of all kinds: academics, government officials, and organizations from all across the world.
Agriculture has been and still will be the cornerstone of China’s development. Let us further dedicate ourselves to the lives of the rural poor and to the field of agriculture and rural development. Thank you to all the friends of CCAP who have helped us along the way. The past decade is only a start!

Jikun Huang, Director of CCAP