Natural Resources and Environmental Policy Program (NREP)

NREP Program focuses on the following major policy studies:

·          Institutions and policies for efficient and sustainable use of water resources

·          Institutions and policies for efficient and sustainable use of land resources

·          Impact assessments of and controlling policies on non-point pollution in agriculture

·          Impact assessments, adaptation and countermeasures to global climate change

·          Impact assessments of national large agricultural, ecological and environmental program


  • ·The Evolution of Groundwater Governance: Productivity, Equity and Changes in the Level of China’s Aquifers
  • ·Establishing Modern Water Management Institute, Realizing the Sustainable Development of Water Resources: Overview, Asse...
  • ·The impacts of the Sichuan Earthquake on the price of grain and pork in whole country
  • ·The Shortage of Water Resource and Its Countermeasure in the North of China
  • ·Experience and Implications of Water Rights Trading in Foreign Countries
  • ·Impact of Groundwater Irrigation Service Market on Agricultural Water Use Productivity
  • ·The Adoption of Conservation Agricultural Technology in the Yellow River Basin: Empirical Research on the Influential Fa...
  • ·The Impact of Climate Change on China’s Agriculture